Devoted – Merritt’s Story

Devoted: Merritt's Story

Launch Date: March 6, 2017
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Content Warnings: sex, violence, drug use, torture, themes involving sexual slavery
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In the underground’s North Sphere, low-ranking orphans are sold to the military, their lives signed away in thankless servitude to their sphere. Merritt, an idealistic new private, is blacklisted from rising the ranks and destined to die in obscurity. But when a brash act of treason catches the attention of King Damen Mercury, Merritt’s prodigious tactical skills come to light.

Merritt is given a second chance, opening doors into the realm of the North’s elite. While striving to do good for the needy in his sphere, Merritt also longs for the approval of the cutthroat King he’s idolized for years. Mercury’s inner circle is within reach – but Belmont, Mercury’s right hand, recognizes Merritt as a threat to his position and resolves to take him down.

In order to stay one step ahead of the cunning and manipulative Belmont, Merritt must bend the rules, compromise his values, and forge risky alliances with enemies who could betray him at any turn. But as Merritt gets closer to his King’s inner circle, he’s forced to confront the true nature of servitude to his sphere. This is the underground: integrity is no virtue, and an honorable man will either break or face his downfall.

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Part 1 – launched 3/6/2017

Chapters [1][2][3][4][5 (nsfw)][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16 (nsfw)][17 (nsfw)][18][19][[20]][21][22][23][24][25]

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Chapters [26][27][28][29 (nsfw)][30][31][32][33][34][35][36][37][38][39][40][41][42][43]

Part 3 – unlocked (Patreon Goal)

Special thanks to my awesome beta readers – Auldr, Elliott, Misha, and Zippy

***If it’s past a chapter’s scheduled release date and the link still isn’t posted, check my recent posts or the merritt story chapter tag on Patreon. Sometimes I fall behind on updating the table of contents, but the chapters are always posted on time.***

About Merritt’s Story

What is Merritt’s story?

It is a full length prose novel series released in serialized form on Patreon.

When does the story take place?

It starts five years before Demon of the Underground. It ends after Merritt is captured by the East and becomes an East Sphere citizen, a few months before the start of Demon of the Underground.

What is your update schedule?

2-3 chapters per month, usually on Thursdays.

What characters show up in the story?

The story’s main characters are Merritt, Mercury, and Belmont. But a lot of DOTU’s main characters also have major and minor roles in Merritt’s story, and we also meet a whole lot of new characters.

What Patreon tier do I need to join in order to read the story?

The story is currently being released to $2 patrons and higher. Any bonus content relating to the story, such as author commentary or illustrations, will be posted to the $10.01 Secret Gallery Tier.

About how long is the story?

It is three books, approximately 150k words each.

What file format do you use, and can I read the story with an E-reader?

I am releasing individual chapters as PDF files, which you can read with Adobe Acrobat, the Acrobat app, some web browsers including Chrome, or any e-reader that is compatible with PDFs. The files are DRM-free, but I ask that you don’t distribute them, as I depend on rising income from Patreon in order to continue working on DOTU. You can also read the chapters right from the inline text on my Patreon posts.

Will the story be released as a full ebook or print book so I can read it all at once?

Plans to release Merritt’s story outside of Patreon as an ebook or print book are currently on hold.

How do I pledge on Patreon?

Visit my Patreon page here, and click on the “Pledge” button! Remember, this is a subscription pledge, so you will be charged around the first of every month. Every dollar I make on Patreon helps keep DOTU alive and running, and every bit of support is greatly appreciated!

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