Chapter 4, Page 12

Chapter 4, Page 12

Big news! DOTU’s RedBubble shop has officially launched! AND there’s a 25% off EVERYTHING coupon code on the website for Cyber Monday! Also, huge thanks to all my patrons who already bought stuff during pre-launch! I’ll be keeping all the current pricing until the end of November, but I’ll increase my margin on prints and some other products after the start of December. Nothing drastic, just a couple dollars since my margin is currently at minimum/default.

[11/29 Update] There’s now a video where the ferrets and I review my Redbubble product samples! Check it out here! 😀

Also, reminder that I’m giving early access to DOTU pages for $5+ patrons now! This one went up a couple days ago over there.

Reminder #2 that I’ll do weekly updates in January if we hit 7K Webtoon subs by the end of the year! (***note 12/3: We’ve had a lot of dropped/declined/decreased Patreon pledges this month, as often happens with December holidays, but I can only do weekly pages with 7K subs IF pledges don’t drop below the current goal!)

I got a question for you guys! For awhile I’ve been toying with the idea of making a Discord channel for DOTU readers. I’ve found that I personally feel more comfortable chatting on Discord than on social media these days. I want to keep giving you guys a place to talk DOTU and speculate and get to know each other and so on, even though I’m doing fewer updates for a while. Patreon has even integrated with Discord, which means I can include extra things like a patron-only room to talk about Merritt’s story or rewards or whatever. The main focus of the Discord would be for *all* readers, though. Just a fun place to chill and chat.

So, who here uses Discord, and is a DOTU Discord channel something you guys would like? I mean, I might do it either way since it’s something I’d like and I know at least a couple people would use it, but I’d like to see how much interest there is so I can take that into account when setting up the channel. Let me know! 🙂

Big Water-Loving Loser Merritt is still up as the TWC voting incentive. You can vote and see the image by clicking the TWC button below or in the sidebar.