Chapter 4, Page 11

Chapter 4, Page 11

The new Patreon banner is so subtle and understated, isn’t it? XD

So, lots and lots of news, since it’s been a few weeks! We’re gonna do the bullet point thing for the tl;dr folks:

-New Early Access Pages reward on Patreon
-Upcoming: DOTU Merch, including the CARD DECK (I’m posting previews on Patreon)
-Lets hit 7K subs on Webtoon by December 31 so we can have weekly pages in January!
-I signed up for Mastodon! Stalk me on all my social media accounts!
New TopWebcomics Voting Incentive, a.k.a. Merritt, my Dorky Son

First off, NEW PATREON FEATURE! $5 patrons now get early access to DOTU comic pages! Basically, I’ll post them to Patreon as soon as they’re done instead of waiting till the next update day. I figure this’ll be especially needed while I’m only updating 2x/month. Here’s my Patreon!

Second, I’m working on DOTU merch, and one of my top priorities is the CARD DECK! The art from the original deck is just super old, so most of the art needs to be redone. I’ve already started posting works in progress (and one finished card) to Patreon. My tentative plan is to do a Kickstarter for the card deck, which will also include expansion packs. I’ll keep you guys updated on the card deck progress, and I also hope to launch my RedBubble shop this month.

Third, we hit 6K subscribers on Webtoon last weekend! There’s another payout level at 7K, but the current payout program is only going to run until December 31, and I don’t know what the payouts are going to be for 2018 yet. If we hit 7K subs on Webtoon by December 31, the bump in earnings will be enough that I can post weekly DOTU pages in January 2018! Pageviews count too, by the way! We’re currently at around 7.5K pageviews per month, and if I get to 10K, I’ll also do weekly pages in January. Subscribe on Webtoon here! It’s free, and you get to read lots and lots of comics! (or just mine if you want, haha ^_^)

Fourth, I forgot to mention here that I signed up for Mastodon. If you’re not familiar, it’s a new social media platform that’s like twitter but with better moderation and harassment policies. Here are all the social media places you can find me or DOTU: [Facebook] [Tumblr – Bob] [Tumblr – DOTU] [Twitter] [Mastodon]

AND FINALLY, NEW VOTING INCENTIVE! It’s been mentioned a few times in various places that Merritt has a particular affinity for a certain beverage. I also got a cute tumblr ask about what a dating sim would be like for all the DOTU characters, and it came up again. So I decided to do a little sketch about Merritt and his favorite drink. You can vote and see the image by clicking the TWC button below or in the sidebar. Or right here, since I’ve been throwing around so many links already. ^_^ Votes are especially helpful now that my update schedule is reduced, so please do vote as often as you can!