Chapter 4, Page 06

Chapter 4, Page 06

How are all my Florida people??? :O I know you guys probably at least don’t have power and stuff, so you may not be spending the day checking for DOTU updates, but I hope you’re doing all right!

Exciting stuff happening right now! We’re 38 subscribers away from hitting 5000 on the Webtoon mirror, which I’ve been pushing for because I’ll get a Patreon bonus when we hit, and it’ll be super helpful because this month was unexpectedly expensive and these DOTU pages are taking an unexpectedly large amount of work! What I hadn’t anticipated is that we’re ALSO about 500 pageviews away from their 10,000 pv/episode threshold which brings in ANOTHER Patreon bonus! This will drop lower with the next update because it’s an average, but I’m super excited that it’s actually within reach! So, I invite all of you to reread DOTU to your heart’s content at the Webtoon mirror, where I post mobile format episodes. That means lots of big close-ups of each panel. Both reading and subscribing are super helpful, and you can do one or both. (ratings and likes don’t bring a Patreon bonus but they’re still appreciated too!)

Here’s a link to the Webtoon mirror! It’s also linked in the banner below.

Also, Merritt’s story chapter 17 is going up on Patreon this Thursday morning, and it’s another… “interesting” one. ^_^; There are only 5-6 more chapters left of part 1, which I really need to start calling book 1 since that’s essentially what it is. AND there’s a new process video showing the landscape painting for this page. I posted it for 10.01 patrons over the weekend, but right after I post this page, I’m releasing the video for $2+ patrons.

Troy’s glorious eyebrows are still up as this week’s voting incentive. You can vote and see the image by clicking the TWC button below or in the sidebar.