Chapter 4, Page 00

Chapter 4, page 00

Aaaaaaaand we’re back! 😀 I had a very busy hiatus full of tech junk and troubleshooting and lots of prep. I didn’t finish everything I hoped to finish during the hiatus (most notably,a couple pieces of art I owe a couple of people), but they’re still in the pipeline for this month. I just keep putting off building a comic buffer, and this week I’m determined to get that buffer!

I’m always very verbose after a long hiatus, so here’s a rundown of what’s going on:
-Now that I have a new site with a working gallery, I’m working on adding a fanart gallery! If you have fanart, you can send it to me by email or on any social media platform I use. (You can find all my social media accounts here.)

-You can now leave a tip with Ko-fi! I added this for people who wanted to support DOTU but couldn’t commit to a monthly subscription. Tips are, of course, not required or expected – but they’re always greatly appreciated! The money goes toward my business expenses and equipment.

-Some of you might be visiting the new site for the first time. As you can see, the comic pages are now much bigger! It has a responsive design, so if smaller pages fit better on your screen, just drag the window narrower and the image will shrink. 😀 You can also navigate through the pages using your keyboard’s arrow keys!

August’s bonus page is coming next week! We’ll have page 1 on Monday and page 2 on Thursday.

-I will probably push Merritt’s story chapter 15 to next week too, due to the aforementioned determination to finally build a buffer and not keep putting it off. I put up three chapters during the hiatus but forgot to link two them in the table of contents. -_- If you’re ever expecting a new chapter and don’t see it linked, check my recent posts on Patreon. Or you can turn on Patreon email notifications. A HUGE thank you to all of you on Patreon who stuck with DOTU throughout the hiatus! Y’all are the best. ;_;

-This week’s TopWebcomics voting incentive is a preview of the next page! You can vote and see the image by clicking the TWC button below or in the sidebar. We got lots of catching up to do this month, so votes are especially appreciated!

So now that all of that is out of the way… how are you guys doing? Tell me about your summer! I hope y’all have been enjoying it!